Grandma Beths Bulldogges

Mary Beth Olens-Pelto Young
Roseville, Minnesota
651.484.8607 ~ home
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Pippa whelped a litter of two on September 19th, 2013, one male and one female.  Johnny weighed in at one pound & 1/2 ounce; Petunia weighed in at 12 ounces.  Both bulldogges are beauties.  Johnny has been adopted by Dan Stephenson from Saint Cloud, MN and named Doctor Johnny Fossil.  Several families were interested in adopting Petunia.  Pippa and Mary Beth Young decided to keep Petunia right here at home with us.   Please call Mary Beth Young for information on future litters or just to chat about our Bulldogges.   

Petunia chinning on her moo cow - October 22, 2013 -

Petunia with her brother Doctor Johnny @ one month old -